"We make you dead on arrival!"
That's right. Be scared.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

President Lincoln Dead

April 16,1865

Dear Diary,

It pains me to say that our beloved President is no longer with us. Lincoln was shot in the back of the head while attending a play at Fords Theater around 10:20 p.m. 2 days ago, the day he passed, was 4 years and 3 days from the start of the war. President Lincoln was a great man, and served the Union with great pride. I hope someday i will make a great impact to my country as he did.
Lincoln was with his Wife, Mary Todd, and a young couple on April 14.
I have never personally met Lincoln, but i wish i had the opportunity to. He is the reason why bow ties are cool. If i ever came across John Wilkes Booth, i will personally shoot him myself. What he did was wrong and disrespectful. He is the reason why the whole Nation mourns at 7:22 yesterday morning. It is such a scary sight seeing the Union wearing black head to toe. I also forgot to mention, but this last night around 10 pm, rang a bell alerting everyone about the news. The entire city crowed around, and shed tears in sorrow.


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