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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Battle of Gettysburg (Letter Home)

July 4, 1863
Deerest Elizabeth,
                            I was so glad to reeseev a leter from you saying that everyone is fine.  I just wanted to let you all no hat i am fine.  Unfortunately, many others ar not.  The Battle of Gettysburg (as it is now called) was truly terribl.  So many good soldiers and friends died.  Meny others hav ben woonded badly.  Our beautiful city is ruined.  I am so sorry.  No one ever ment for the battle to actuallee enter Gettysburg.  Ther ar too meny casultees on both sides:  the Union and the Rebels.  Im hoping for a brake in this dredfull war to at leest honor the dead.  I want the war to end soon.  No, i want the fiteing to end NOW!  I deespize war!  Why wont everyone forget this foolishness?  Heers what happened:
                            The battle, as I am sure you no, lasted 3 hole days.  It is the bloodiest battle of the war - so far.  Ther is a roomor that Lee wanted to invade the North and win a big victory to purswade the 2 armies to stop fiteing and end the war soon.  Lee took 75,000 men into the North.  This fact mite make you laf, but the Rebels and the Union were both buying shoes when they saw each other, and both sides clashed. Just West of Gettysburg, Union General Buford and Confederate General Heth wer fiteing.  We wer forced back into the town.  Im glad our family was safelee out of harm's way.  By the end of that first day, the North controlled the high ground.  This was aparentlee important becuz we cood fire down upon Southern troops wile they charged up the hills to us, becoming very tired in the atempt.  Both sides reseeved reinforsments overnite.  Meade placed our troops in the shape of a giant fishhook.  Ground was ganed and lost during the battle and casualtee rates skyroketted.  The day was neerly over when a Maine regiment ran out of ammyoonishun, fixed bayonets, and charged down Little Round Top screeming at the Rebels.  They held the Confederates back and prevented their attack on the reer of our army.  This event is now called Pickett's Charge.  We fought until 10 pm.  The total casualtees for both sides was 37, 000 over just those 2 days.  Yesterday, fiteing was everyware, but the "highlite" was a 12, 000 Confederate assolt against the center of the Union line, over on Cemetery Ridge.  They wer driven back by Union artillery and rifle fire, resulting in hevee Confederate losses.  We ar the ofishul victors of the horrid battle, but trulee NO ONE won.  Ther wer 51,000 casualtees total.  Im so glad our family is fine.  I hope our son Francis does not try to find me.  This war is much too terrible.  I pray to God that this war ends soon.  I love you. Stay safe.

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