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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1864 Journal Entry (Corporal Hill)

November 8, 1864
Deer Jernal,
                 A strange prezidenchul eelecshun just ended with Lincoln winning a second term in offiss.  Our good President won by a landslide!  He ran agenst his former General McClellen this time.  On August 31, 1864,McClellen wuz nominated by a Democratic Party that wuz meeting in Chicago, and a certain George H.  Pendleton wuz chozen to be McClellen's "running mate".  McClellen's nominayshuns won eesilee over Thomas Seymour's.  McClellen promissed to end the war eemeedeehtlee and restore the Union.  How reedikyoolus!  One cannot promiss something like that!  I am fiteing in this silly war; none of the Rebels will giv up that eesilee!  Lincoln and McClellen faced off in the November Prezidenshul eelekshun.  Today, I reseeved the news that Lincoln won the Prezidencee by a landslide.  Lincoln (the Republican candidate) reseeved 212 Eelektoral votes, 2.3 milleeyun Popyoolur votes, and 116, 887 Military votes.  McClellen only got 21 Eelektorul votes (from Delaware, New Jersey, and Kentucky), 1.8 milleeyun Popyoolur votes, and 33, 748 Military votes.  I new Lincoln wood win!  He is such a good man!  Wen Lincoln won the eelekshun, he wuz given a new mandate:  he must pursoo the restorashun of the Union.  And that will not be eesee.
Corporal Frank Hill 

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