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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Battle of Bull Run Newspaper Editorial (Frank Hill)

Union Defeated at Bull Run, Battle Score: South 1 - North 0

July 21, 1861

      Today, the entire Union was shocked by the great defeat their troops suffered at the hands of those Rebels.  Five days previous, 37,000 Union volunteers marched into Virginia, planning to cut the railroad line at Manassas and then continue on to the so - called "Confederate capital" of Richmond, Virginia.  However, 22,000 Rebel troops under the command of General Beauregard, who had been alerted to the Union's plans by a spy, moved North to stop the Union troops.  His troops formed an 8 mile line along one side of Bull Run Creek.  Earlier today, Union General McDowell and his troops formed up across Bull Run, and the valiant Union soldiers crashed into the Confederates' left flank.  Because the battle was fought only 30 miles away from Washington D.C., many innocent civilians brought picnic lunches to witness the first real battle between the Northern and Southern troops.  The battle was going so well for the Union that some of the soldiers stopped to pick up "souvenirs" from the battle.  Unfortunately, the Virginian brigade led by General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson held firm like, well, a stone wall.  To add to the seemingly few problems for the North, General Beauregard ordered a counter attack, and Confederate reinforcements began to arrive by horseback and even train.  The Rebel troops suddenly lat out a "rebel yell" and charged at the Union troops with renewed energy.  The Northern army fell apart.  Both fleeing civilians and soldiers retreated using the same route. Sadly, there were 5,000 casualties, 2,896 of which belonged to the North and 1,982 of which belonged to the South.  Needless to say, it was a victory for the Confederacy, who sat down to eat the lunches left behind by the fleeing spectators.  This will not be the short war everyone expected it to be.  The Rebels will not back down easily.  This will be a long and bloody war, and the South has gained the first victory.  

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