"We make you dead on arrival!"
That's right. Be scared.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Entry from the Journal of Corporal Frank Hill

                                                                                                                                       April 2, 1861

Dear War Jernal,

                           Today I enlisted in the Union Army and I am a corperal and a field hospital orderlee.  I am in a rejiment with Corperal Thomas Norton and Privates Jesse McGee, Robert Hansen and Herman Hammond.  Our rejiment is called D.O.A., which can stand for Department of Agriculchure (as we are all farmers or shopkeepers) or Dead on Arival (refferring to the enemy of course, althoh I do not really aprove of that).  Our motto is "Keep It Down".  None of us like slavery but we don't want freed slaves coming North to steel our jobs.  I meen, I myself can only just make ends meet on the farm!  My family was so sad when they fownd owt that I was coming to join the army but I just had to come!  Yes, slavery is moraly wrong but I need to protect evrything I work and live for.  I must help keep slavery South!  My family understands, but they still begged me not to go.  My wife Elizabeth and my two dohters Diana (14) and Christie (6) cried so much it broke my hart.  My son Charles (10) kept a brave face but I could tell that he wanted me to stay or at leest to come with me.  My other son and oldest child Francis (15) deeclared that he would come find me when he turns 16.  I hope the war ends before Francis gets cot in the middle of it.  My Quaker church members have promissed to help my family on the farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania while I am away.  They are so helpful!  Quakers hate violence and fiteing, even when it helps to free slaves and so do I.  I will not carry a gun and I will work in the hospital a little.  Oh, how I hope that this war ends soon!  Dispite my feelings and reesons for fiteing I find this war to be moraly wrong.  I pray to God that this will be a short war with minimal casualtees and bloodshed.

                                                                                                                                          Frank Hill

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