"We make you dead on arrival!"
That's right. Be scared.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Battle of Antietam-S.D.


September 17,1862-
Today, I, First Sergeant Thomas Norton, and the fellowe membas of the Union army clashed against the rebs' at Antietam Crek.  We found out all da details in Lee's attemt to invade the North thanks to a few scouts that fond a copy of his plans in a feild, and McClellan made use of it.  Under the command of Burnside, myself and a couple thousand troups traveld to the town of Sharpsburg to atack the South.  McClellan had always thoght we was outnumbad so we fought the battle very conservetivly.  First we sent out are troops twords the Northern side of town nears Dunker Church and the West Woods.  I hears that it was back and forth all mornin' long, but by the time we had a chance to move froward, all of the commanders were hurt and there aint nobody to lead the army.  The one advantage that the South had over us was expereinced troops.  For many men in the North, this was their first major battl.  At the Sunken Lane, we had the chance to overcome the South when they pulled back, but we failed to follow up on it and take adventage.  We could have won that battle then and their, but McClellan strangely orderad not to.  After waiting 2 hours for the orders to attack Lee's right flanck, me and other men attempted to take Sharpsburg by crossing a small bridge.  Commanded by Burnside, it took us 3 tries before we sucesfully crosed the bridge.  Many soldiers died as the South was on top of a small hill pelting artilery at whoevers tried to cross.  Just as we thoughts we could win the battle, more southern troops under the command of A.P. Hill showed up after a long hike and pushed us bak.  We had the chance to demolish the South if we had put all of are troops out and captured Lee.  The Civil War could have ended right then and their.  I believe the Union not taking adventage of this was at the fault of McClellan for not putin' in trops that we had when the time was rite.  This battle didn't really have a clear victor, but in my opinin, we win.  We kept the South from invading our home land.  Thats about the only positeive thing I can think about right now.  Everything else is horror and fear of what I saw out there today.                   

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