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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Letter Home-From Corporal Thomas Norton (AKA Sean Daly)

      Dear All,

I have only been gone for a few weeks now but it feels like an eternity.  How is everything going in Springfield?  Is the store doing good business in times of war?  I sure do hope so.  I would love to see business booming in the next month or two when I return and the rebellion is finished.  I am currently stationed in southern Pennsylvania for the time being before we march down South.  Right now the troops(mainly composed of nobody who has felt with combat before, like me) are learning the basics of fighting, from how to load a weapon to battle tactics.  Luckily, I have already been promoted to the rank of Corporal, so at least I am no longer at the "bottom of the Totem-Pole".  Conditions in camp are like a never ending camp out.  Bad food, lack of hygiene, poor shelter, lice, bugs, and diseases are all common things here at camp, and just one or two days out of the month we would fight.   I just hope that the turnout of the war includes the abolishment of slavery or at least keeping in a southern way of life.  I have no doubt that this will be a northern victory and that good old President Lincoln will figure all of this out.  I know you all will do just fine and that you need to remember that Dad will be home soon.  Until then, Harriet, take care of the store, and kids be good for your mother.  I don't think you would want a big spanking from Dad.

See you all soon,

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