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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Letter Back Home From Private Hansen

Rebecca Hansen
512 Plantersvile Road
Middleton, Ohio
Dear Rebecca,

I mise u so much! Wat i have sen heer is makeing me nearvus for batle. If you were here right now, you would know how to calm me dowm. I have too keap remindng myself that i am hear for a what i belive in. I donot wante slavery to spread upto the northern states. Al we have don is been inpoving r time on loading r guns. I can now fire to bulets a menate. I have been pracking non stop sence i joiend the Union Army. I geet tired quick but i hav not gave up. Everytime a gun is set of, it makes me want too go bak home. How are the kidz? How is the farm? I herd that it a seaver storm tuesday. Please tell the kids that i am allright, and make sure that theay will not worry about me. I love you and them deerly.


Robert Hansen

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